Monday, December 9, 2013

Villa Dihovo and a Taste of Macedonia

On December 10th the program featured an interview with Pece Cvetkovski a hospitality entrepreneur from Villa Dihovo near Bitola Macedonia. I had a lovely visit to this Trip Advisor top rated inn with my cousins Valentina and Vladko Veleska during my tour in October. 

Cvetkovski is part of a growing movement in Macedonia capitalizing on the warm tradition of hospitality and incredible local cuisine. 

Pece Cvetkovski in Villa Dihovo's Wine Tasting Cellar

Dr Valentina Veleska and Pece Cvetkovski Getting Ready for Lunch
At Villa Dihovo

I visited numerous restaurants and initiatives focused on the incredible food, wine and cheese of the region. 

Traditional Sitting Room, Villa Dihovo

Many of the sites were only a few years old, but were constructed with great attention to the detail of traditional restaurants of bygone eras.

Sarma (stuffed grape leaves) and Sheep's Milk Yogurt

What makes Villa Dihova so unique, and visited by people from all over the world, is the personal catering to individual needs. Family Cvetkovski has some of the largest vineyards in Macedonia, and produces their own organic wines. Pece networks with local cheese producers in the area to serve sheep, goat and cow regional specialties. Visitors can literally pick their own salads and produce from the garden next to the guest quarters. The family and staff can cook for patrons, offer cooking classes or help you make your own creations. The goal of Villa Dihovo is to make you feel at home.

Grape Arbor, Garden and View from Villa Dihovo Macedonia

Nestled next to the Pelister Mountain preserve, the staff at Villa Dihova can arrange for hiking and biking tours, and numerous winter sports. I had visited this delightful location several years ago when it was first opened to the public. Now because if it's global popularity, I had to fit in my interview between guests arrivals.

Mountain Trails at Pelister National Park in Macedonia

Villa Dihovo and the Pelister National Park preserve will be destinations on the upcoming culinary tour "A Taste of Macedonia" a joint collaboration between Ambasador Mak Balkan Tour specialists in Macedonia and Sophia Services of Vancouver Canada. The tour will take place from May 11, 2014 through to May 24. Please visit to download the itinerary, and book through the same site. 

Macedonia has one of the most unique cuisines in the world. Villa Dihovo can prepare regional favorites for you to order, and we will enjoy their culinary offerings as well as the Pelister Park on A Taste of Macedonia. See you there!

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