Monday, September 9, 2013

Hysterical GMO Activists

It is so interesting to me how the New York Times keeps posting these types of articles, especially since this was the main newspaper that participated in lying the American people into a war with Iraq, remember "Weapons of Mass Destruction?" I am also very concerned that many so called pro atheist sites are equating climate change deniers to those of us who do not want our food sources to be patented and natural ecology's to be destroyed. Apparently we are all anti science, and the people who want access to food,  they are hysterical anti GMO activists. Thank goodness for the "hysterical" Filipino's who actually understand the evil potential of this global experiment. They stormed the lab and field where this experimental rice was being grown and burned everything. They understand that if there is any cross pollination with indigenous rice, then the strains will be forever contaminated, and they will be financially enslaved to the bio tech multinationals in order to eat. 

The article states that this rice which has genetically been manipulated with genes from other species to help prevent blindness in humans. We can help prevent blindness by stopping wars and conflicts that hamper food production, lets start there. GMO's are not the answer too illness and human misery, in fact, they are one of the greatest evils since the advent of the nuclear bomb, and rival fraking in terms of potential destruction of our food sources. If this makes me hysterical, well, how can you be "Calm" about forced corporate starvation of the masses of humanity?

There are at least four state ballot initiatives in the US for the Fall Elections, asking for labeling of GMO foods in their states. The fights are very expensive. Recently, a mutual fund investor has been recommending that his clients do not put their money into biotech agriculture multinationals. With the recent rejection and pulling out of GMO crop petitions from the European Union, to the state initiatives and house and senate bills being introduced for mandatory national labeling, the writing is on the wall. If anything good has come from the 12 years of war in the Middle East, it is that the American public is ever skeptical of any sort of experts telling us what we should and should not be afraid of. What is so astonishing is that the dislike of GMO's actually comes from a combination of science, legal attacks agains farmers and personal health experiences with the substances. There is more to come, stay tuned!

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