Friday, July 12, 2013

Eating Clean in the City

According to the American Restaurant Association, Americans eat out four to five times a week. If the American travels for work or has to entertain clients, you can up that number substantially. While other market research says that Americans want to eat more healthy and organically, it is often difficult because we are eating literally in a car, or at a restaurant and often just order something without really knowing there are options.

Now which do you think is more healthy, sustainably sourced and delicious to eat?

While the upper picture of "food" is really easy to find, if you are wanting to know where the food is on the lower picture, help is on the way. 

There is a wonderful initiative developed by Jared Koch, author and nutritional consultant based in New York City. After working for several years with individual clients, Jared found himself having to give recommendations to his clients for places to eat out. He decided to make his efforts into a guide and a phone app.

I really resonate with the mission of Clean Plates, "If you eat, get fed by Clean Plates"

The concept of eating "Clean" is one that many people embrace. It is basically a diet of whole food, avoiding processed and sugar filled items. Clean Plates takes it a step further, researching and giving resources on how to find restaurants that offer everything from Gluten Free to Organic and Vegan. The extra added meaning of "clean" for Clean Plates is that recommendations are also based on restaurants commitment to locally and sustainably sourcing their food. Clean for you, also clean for the planet. Everybody wins with this type of eating.

Check out the website where you can purchase guides for Los Angeles, New York City, cook books, and sign up for a newsletter.

I for one am looking forward to the newer editions which are planned for cities like Austin and San Francisco. Until then, we are grateful for the LA and NYC recommendations!

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