Thursday, October 7, 2010

Food Task Force

Last night in Los Angeles, an amazing thing happened. It has actually been in the works for about 30 years. As the host of Real Food Empire, I was honored to be part of the press for the unveiling of Good Food For All, a joint project of Roots of Change and the Los Angeles Food Policy Task Force. Roots of Change is a non-profit educational and legislative organization dedicated to creating a sustainable agricultural and food system here in the Golden State.The Vision of Roots of Change is "California's food system will become sustainable and lift the fortunes of the food industry, demonstrate the highest standards of stewardship, create pride of place, offer meaningful opportunities for workers in the industry and accelerate world wide demand for health and quality in everyday living." Now that's a vision I share! The Food Policy Task Force was brought together by Mayor Villaraigosa, in partnership with many individuals and organizations to work with Roots of Change to create the Good Food For All Agenda.

The basic recommendations include
1> Promoting a Good Food Economy
Build a Market For Good Food
Eliminate Hunger in Los Angeles
Ensure Equal Access to Good Food in Undeserved Communities
Grow Good Food in our Neighborhoods
Inspire and Mobilize Good Food Champions
Establish a Los Angeles Regional Food Policy Council

These lofty goals will be met with a collaboration between health care providers, city government, farmers, chefs, schools, public gardens, farmers markets and cooking classes.

When I was visiting the numerous non profit booths, the main question I heard, was "what are they doing out in the Inland Empire." Well, we are doing a lot, but it is my dream to have a similar agenda for the Inland Empire. We are after all part of the diverse and delicious "food shed" of Southern California. We are the jewel and we need to have good food for all. Good Food, means healthy affordable, fair and sustainable, available for all. The San Bernardino Farmers Market is the first certified farmers market to honor EBT machines in the Inland Empire. It is my hope to inspire and connect with those who would like to bring more "good food" to the Inland Empire.

Let me know if you are interested!

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